What is CoralWall?

CoralWall is a flexible, modular system for growing corals and aquascaping on vertical aquarium surfaces. CoralWall can also be utilized to add coral frag growing real estate to any frag tank, without the need for an additional tank and without blocking light to corals below. Customized for your setup and goals, the CoralWall rests on near invisible legs and attaches with powerful magnets, and protrudes only 1.17" from your aquarium pane. Incorporating powerheads and working around overflows, creating unique stepped aquascape or blending into your main rockwork, all make for a natural coral backdrop for your aquarium and extend your aquascaping possibilities to a new dimension. Watch the video, peruse our FAQ , or download a sample layout document to learn more.

The CoralWall system is made up of easily removable modules (each is 9.75"x 4.625") that can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a lattice frame secured to your aquarium. Your custom layout contains any number or modules needed to meet your design and goals. Rock to cover your wall is not included - watch the Assembly & Guide video for aquascaping suggestions.

Click the button below to fill out the no obligation order form. We'll then email you a PDF layout document with your customized layout, and a payment link, both no-obligation.

Some individual CoralWall components and products are available below, but please fill out the order form to order your complete CoralWall system. You will not be able to purchase certain lattice components individually, which is to ensure we verify your CoralWall has the right components, and they all work together for your design.