CoralWall Order Form

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How much does the CoralWall cost? It all depends on your layout, which we customize for each aquarium. Typically, you can expect an install to cost between $30-45 per module, depending on your layout and the number of magnets. This is significantly less than magnet-mounted frag racks of similar size available today. Each Aquascape module contains 21 frag plug holes, and 4 standoff mounting holes, and more room for rubble mounting and coral encrusting. If you will be using this exclusively for frag farming, choose the FragMax module, which have 31 frag plug holes, no standoff mounts, and less room for encrusting. 

Each CoralWall module is 9.75" x 4.625", and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Your layout contains a combination of multiple modules to achieve your desired size and design.

The CoralWall is created in segments to allow for retrofit installation between aquarium top cross braces. For instance, a 40.5” CoralWall for a standard 48” tank will come in two 20” sections, which can be installed independently.

Use this order form to configure your CoralWall, after which you will receive an email with your layout document, quote, and payment link.