We guarantee your products will be free of manufacture defects. If anything seems amiss when you receive it, get in touch within 30 days and we will solve it. Period. 

As with any product you are using on an ongoing basis, and moving around your tank, we can not warranty breakage if you drop or mistreat your product. Our products are made with 100% cast acrylic and polycarbonate, and will take quite a beating, but please be careful with it like you would any piece of equipment around your tank. 

StinkSink 30-day Performance Guarantee

In all our testing with fellow hobbyists, all reported a significant reduction in skimmer smell. The amount of reduction will depend on your tank’s bioload, the type and amount of skimmate you produce, how often you empty your skimmer cup, how well you maintain your carbon fill, and lastly how sensitive your nose is! No filter will capture every molecule of stink. However, in the unlikely event you do not experience any reduction in your skimmer smell, return your StinkSink within 30 days for a full refund. You are responsible for return shipping, but you do not need to return the carbon. Because of the variables in using your own carbon, to qualify for the Guarantee, you must have ordered and used the recommended carbon when purchasing your StinkSink. Due to the reduced amount of carbon, the slim version of the StinkSink is not covered by this guarantee.