Warranty & Policies

We guarantee your products will be free of manufacture defects. If anything seems amiss when you receive it, get in touch within 30 days and we will solve it. Period. 

As with any product you are using on an ongoing basis, and moving around your tank, we can not warranty breakage if you drop or mistreat your product. Our products are made to last and will take quite a beating, but please be careful with it like you would any piece of equipment around your tank. 

StinkSink 30-day Performance Guarantee

In all our testing with fellow hobbyists, all reported a significant reduction in skimmer smell. The amount of reduction will depend on your tank’s bioload, the type and amount of skimmate you produce, how often you empty your skimmer cup, how well you maintain your carbon fill, and lastly how sensitive your nose is! No filter will capture every molecule of stink. However, in the unlikely event you do not experience any reduction in your skimmer smell, return your StinkSink within 30 days for a full refund. You are responsible for return shipping, but you do not need to return the carbon. Because of the variables in using your own carbon, to qualify for the Guarantee, you must have ordered and used the recommended carbon when purchasing your StinkSink. 

We additionally offer a 2-year warranty on the StinkSink. 


Due to the variations in rock rubble, its weight, your installation and future coral growth, special care should be taken to not overload your CoralWall. We are not responsible for damage resulting from an overloaded CoralWall, or falling aquascape. We have constructed the CoralWall system in a way to accommodate being completely covered with coral rubble, and the associated testing weight using what is usually considered some of the more dense aquascaping rock available - Marco Rocks dry rock. However, the rock you use may be more or less dense. Please apply common sense when loading up your CoralWall, especially when attaching larger rocks using the standoff mounting hardware. If you feel like your CoralWall is unstable or overloaded, please consider adding additional reinforcing magnets - which can be purchased and added at any time. 
Magnet Guarantee

We offer a lifetime warranty on our magnet enclosures to never leak under normal use, or we will replace them for free. We visually verify the solvent weld on each enclosure before shipping, so you have a worry free magnet inside your tank. This warranty does not extend to accidental damage or cracking of the enclosure resulting from dropping it, sudden attractions of metal objects or other magnets to the enclosure, or other misuse. 


While we can warranty our own products and have tested the FloatMount, we necessarily can't warranty your own installation of the Float Mount given the variables of your rock, the anchor mounting, silicon mount installation, and weight considerations of the aquascape subsequently employed and how they may effect your particular tank. We are not responsible for incorrectly installed FloatMounts, aquascape beyond the weight limits of the FloatMount, or any resulting damage from the use of the FloatMount. If you are not comfortable with the DIY nature of installing and mounting aquascape using the FloatMount, or the inherent risks of using a floating aquascape, please do not use this product. 

Returns and Refunds

Because most products we make are custom made to order, returns and refunds after products are made and shipped are usually not accepted, are at our discretion, and depend on the reason a refund is requested. We do not refund shipping costs. If you decide you would like to return your products for a non-relevant or a subjective reason, return shipping is your responsibility and a refund may be given, and based on the condition of the products when we receive them. Returns for used products are not accepted. We pride ourselves on customer service, so will always strive to make you happy - within reason.