FloatMount allows gravity-defying aquascapes and dramatic cantilevered structures in tanks of any size. Elevate aquascape for better flow and remove deadspots where aquascape meets your sandbed. Now you can aquascape without limits.

The FloatMount system is only for glass tanks, and consists of a silicon mount and hanging bracket - making your aquascape removable from the aquarium at any time. To learn more about how the system works, watch the guide video here.

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Disclaimer: If you are not comfortable with the DIY nature of installing and mounting aquascape yourself using the FloatMount, or the inherent risks of using a floating aquascape, please do not use this product. While we can warranty our own products and have tested the FloatMount, we necessarily can't warranty your installation - given the variables of your rock, the anchor mounting, silicon mount installation, and weight considerations of the aquascape subsequently employed or how it will effect your particular aquarium. We are not responsible for incorrectly installed FloatMounts, aquascape beyond the weight limits of the FloatMount, or any damage resulting from, or tangential to, use of the FloatMount.