All corals are 100% aquacultured, and at least third generation (most are 4+), and already adapted to aquarium life. The purchase of the original aquacultured coral and the grown out frags sold to you are guaranteed to have zero collection impact on natural reefs. 

We do not ship at this time, but offer local pickup of online orders, or delivery/meetup within ~30 minutes drive time of zip code 96161 for orders over $300. We are always happy to meet reefers and show our 900g of display tanks, frag tanks, and fish room to customers picking up corals - we love talking reefing! 

If something is out of stock, get in touch and we might be able to frag and make it available.

Please email us at info@reefeco.com if you have any questions, or would like to arrange pick up of your corals after you place your order. We bag your corals to protect them, but please bring a cooler or styrofoam box when accepting corals.

Water Parameters
Salinity  35ppt
pH 8.2-8.35
Alkalinity 9
Calcium 425
Magnesium 1300
Nitrate 10-15ppm
Phosphate 0.05ppt

Grown under Kessil LED and T5 hybrid lighting.
12 hour light cycle, 8 hours peak at 250 - 400 PAR 

Photo Accuracy
If you’ve been shopping coral for a while in this hobby, you’ve probably been disappointed more than once at the color disparity between the sale photo, and what you received. We aim to take color-accurate photos, without the use of a blue filter. We take photos with lighting at approximately 14,000K, and adjust white balance to ensure colors are true and accurate to the naked eye. How the corals look in your tank may vary slightly depending on your particular lighting, but we strive to make our photos as true and accurate as possible, without the over-manipulated glow used by many vendors to juice their photos under just blue lighting.  As a good example of how corals can look different under different lighting, we have more violet/UV LED's in our frag system than in our display tank, so some frags photos may have more purple than their mother colonies in the display system.

How to Choose Corals
While frag photos of many LPS, Softie, and some encrusting SPS coral photos provide a realistic representation despite frag size, most acropora coral frags are usually just the growth tips, which can have more or less color than the colony depending on the particular coral. We include the photo of the mother colony when relevant because that often provides you the best reference for how the coral will look in your tank - both color and growth form. So, we advise choosing your corals based on the photos of the mother colony, especially if shopping for acropora.

While you may drip or temperature acclimate if you wish, it is usually not necessary unless the temperature during transport drops significantly, or if you keep your aquarium water more than 5ppt away from 35ppt, or more than 0.3 pH away from 8.2. As a general practice for any coral additions to your aquarium, we highly suggest a coral dip as well as removing corals from frag plugs and remounting in your tank or on new rock rubble, or for soft corals like zoanthids, cutting away as much of the frag plug as possible with bone cutters before adding it to your tank. Most hard corals can be gently popped off the plug. Be very careful in removing euphyllia from plugs, as their skeleton can be very brittle and can shatter.