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A purpose-designed tool for cleaning pests and algae off rocks, snails, corals, and more. One end of the tool is for sniping pests in-tank and cleaning snails, frags, or corals - with a nimble hook end and scraping blade. The other end of the tool is a three-spike rasping end for large scale, medieval removal of vermatids and stubborn algaes. For algae, by rasping off the surface of the rock or coralline to which algaes like bryopsis are attached, the removal is more complete - compared to other methods which leave algae behind to regrow. 

Made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel, ReefTool comes in a pen size for detail work, or attach it to either end of the available wand attachment for approximately 20" of reach. One end of the wand has an angle, allowing the ReefTool to reach under rocks and in tighter spaces. The ReefTool has threaded holes (m4), as does the pen (m5), so you can also attach it to a DIY wand if you wish of your preferred length for your aquarium. 

Even 316 stainless steel will rust on a long enough timeline, so rinsing your ReefTool with fresh water after each use will help deter corrosion. 

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Precision cut cast acrylic and polycarbonate

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Do not submerge magnets that are not encased in acrylic

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