Please watch the instructions and guide for important information on aquascaping with FloatMount. An FAQ is also below for additional information.


1) How does the FloatMount work? 

The FloatMount is attached to dry, glass tanks during setup. It consists of an acrylic mount with a glass insert (since silicon does not adhere to acrylic well) that silicons onto your aquarium, and a bracket that is glued onto rock. The bracket then allows the aquascape to hang on the mount, and be removed at any time. 

2) Can the FloatMount work on acrylic tanks? 

No, it is only for glass tanks - with a minimum thickness of 1/4" (6mm). Unfortunately silicon does not adhere to acrylic very well. 

3) How much weight can it hold? 

When installed correctly, each FloatMount can hold up to 4 pounds, with an additional one pound of growth over time. The double mount can hold 8 pounds. This weight allowance is dependent on the distance the rock extends from the aquarium pane, with each FloatMount accommodating 6 inches of distance (so the double mount can accommodate 12" of extension.) This relationship is not necessarily linear, and we suggest keeping structures to a maximum of 18" of extension from the aquarium pane. If creating a structure which extends more than 18", reduce the weight allowance per mount by 50%. Keep 70% of the weight within the first half of whatever distance you will extend. So, if using a double mount, keep about 5.5 pounds of the rock weight within the first 6 inches. Watch the video above for specific information about structuring a cantilevered aquascape. If you are uncertain about your weight allowance, always up-size the number of your mounts for safety. 

4) Can I use superglue or epoxy to secure the acorn nuts? 

We have tested with both, but suggest using superglue gel and accelerator - which is a little easier and faster to work with. 

5) I'm not good at DIY - is this for me? 

Since you will be siliconing the FloatMount and gluing the bracket to rock, there is a DIY component to this product that if you are not comfortable with, you might look for other ways to float your rockwork. That said, the instruction video above walks through the process very clearly, and it might increase your confidence to use FloatMount! 

6) What kind of silicon can I use to attach the FloatMount? 

Only use silicon that is specifically labeled as aquarium safe - either clear or black is fine. 

7) I want to add a lot of corals to my rockwork - how do I know the FloatMount will take it? 

The FloatMount allows one pound per mount for coral growth. Most corals are very light, such as encrusters and zoas. If you plan to have very large SPS or LPS colonies, take this into account when planning your weight allowance, or simply add an additional FloatMount to support the additional weight. 

8) Is maintenance different on a floating scape? 

Yes - it is. A floating structure while in your tank will not take kindly to some of the more impact orientated maintenance procedures, such as chiseling, hard brushing, etc. It is advised to momentarily remove your aquascape from the aquarium if this kind of maintenance is required. Several smaller rock structures, rather than a single large one, is often ideal and easier to remove for maintenance or other reasons. 

9) Can the FloatMount be used in wood for a freshwater tank?

While the mount can be installed in any glass tank, freshwater or salt, the rock anchors may not hold in wood, given that it can slowly decay over time, soften, and swell in an aquarium. It might be possible to use stainless steel screws instead, directly into the wood - if you are interested in testing this with us - please get in touch!