Hey reefers, thanks for stopping by. Like many hobbyists with a passion for the beautiful biotope we keep in our aquariums, the hobby can evolve into a small business pretty readily, selling coral or small reef solutions. In setting up my dream 900 gallon system and fish room, I created some of my own reefing solutions that I’m now bringing to other hobbyists to help them find more enjoyment in their reefing journey. 

ReefEco's 400 gallon peninsula display (top) at about 9 months, and part of the supporting fish room directly behind the tank. The full system includes the display tank, a 100 gallon garden eel tank, and three frags tanks. Visit here for a video series documenting the build.

I started reefing more than 20 years ago in college, perpetually inspired by the simple wonder of the reef, the beautiful animals, their complex and at times mysterious interactions, and the fragility of this often out of sight, out of mind ecological niche on our planet. I grew up behind the scenes at the Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium, tagging along with my mother who was a docent there. That formative experience would later lead me to work at the Steinhart Aquarium in Education in my twenties. Having always been a maker, and as a designer in my later professional life, I try to bring together knowledge about the reef, a knack for making things, and a hobbyist’s appreciation for what we really need to make our aquariums work. 

So hopefully we can make good, quality products - and as a hobbyist myself, accompany it all with a pledge to treat fellow hobbyists like I would like to be treated. 

Take a look around and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions at info@reefeco.com. Happy reefing.