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Vertical Frag Rack

Vertical Frag Rack

Get that frag rack off your viewing panel! Designed for the back of tanks, this frag rack mounts parallel with your aquarium pane, for the lowest profile, most unobtrusive frag rack on the market. Any coral can be grown on a vertical surface, from encrusters, to zoas, to acropora and LPS - all without blocking light to corals below. 

Unlike our CoralWall system, this frag rack alone is not intended to hold significant amounts of rock rubble, it is only for frag plugs. 

Extending just 1.17" (29mm) from your aquarium, the rack can be mounted horizontally, or vertically, hanging on a magnetic tank mount - and is removable without touching the magnets. The rack contains 31 frag plug positions, and our SilTalon grips keep your frag plugs in place. Our in-tank magnets are enclosed within clear acrylic using a special joint, so we can verify the seal - unlike most manufacturers that use black or opaque material. Our interior magnet enclosures are guaranteed never to leak. Learn more about our magnets here. 

Epoxy coated exterior magnets can be upgraded with clear acrylic enclosures, if desired, or if you will be submerging them - such as inside an overflow. 

This is a single frag rack - if you are interested in more frag real estate, check out the CoralWall system for the more cost effective addition of frag space. This rack is compatible with our CoralWall system, in case you want to purchase lattice components and expand it later. 

The frag rack measures 9.75" x 4.625", and can be mounted vertically, or horizontally.

Please see our Assembly & Guide video for instructions. 

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Precision cut cast acrylic and polycarbonate

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Care Instructions

Do not submerge magnets that are not encased in acrylic

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