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The strongest available neodymium N52 magnets, coated with black epoxy.  The epoxy coating will stand up to external use, and the occasional drip and spill, but are not meant to be submerged. If you will be submerging your magnets, purchase the version encased in clear acrylic. Learn more about our magnets here, and why our magnet enclosures are guaranteed never to leak. Magnets come with adhesive pads to prevent scratches. Prices are for a single magnet.

If you have questions about which magnets to get for your application, don't hesitate to reach out to

These magnets may be stronger than you have experienced before, and caution should be used when working with them. Always slowly slide magnets together and apart, especially when connecting two magnets through glass. Clear all metal objects from the area when working. They can attract metal objects or other magnets from a distance away, causing damage to themselves or other objects, as well as injury. Never connect two magnets together without anything in between them. Keep away from children. 

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Precision cut cast acrylic and polycarbonate

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Care Instructions

Do not submerge magnets that are not encased in acrylic

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