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Carbon Refill

Carbon Refill

Our 4-8 screen size coconut carbon is the ideal balance of particle size and cost for the StinkSink, and more sustainable than mined carbon options. We buy in bulk and pass the saving on to you, with some of the cheapest per-pound cost of any aquarium or air filter retailer. Choose the carbon fill for your skimmer lid diameter, rounding to the nearest inch. Note that the StinkSink vessel is about 1/2" smaller than your skimmer lid diameter, so an 8.25" skimmer lid would be an 8" carbon fill. 
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Coconut Carbon

Shipping & Returns

StinkSinks are made to order, and usually ship within 2-3 business days.


We guarantee your StinkSink will be free of manufacture defects. If anything seems amiss when you receive it, get in touch within 30 days and we will solve it. Period. 

As with any product you are using on an ongoing basis, and moving around your tank, we can not warranty breakage if you drop or mistreat your product. The StinkSink is made with 100% cast acrylic and polycarbonate, and will take quite a beating, but please be careful with it like you would any piece of equipment around your tank. 

Stink Sink 30-day Performance Guarantee

In all our testing with fellow hobbyists, all reported a reduction in skimmer smell. The amount of reduction will depend on your tank’s bioload, the type and amount of skimmate you produce, how often you empty your skimmer cup, and how well you maintain your carbon fill. No filter will capture every molecule of stink. However, in the unlikely event you do not experience any reduction in your skimmer smell, return your StinkSink within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. To qualify for the performance guarantee, you must have ordered and used the recommended carbon when purchasing your StinkSink. You are responsible for return shipping costs (You can keep the carbon, so the return shipping weight will be very light.)


Fills your Stink Sink!

Care Instructions

Maintaining Your Carbon Fill

How long will your carbon last? A carbon fill will usually last between 6-12 months. 

That is highly variable, however, depending on your skimmer, how often you empty the cup and clean it, and how you maintain your carbon fill. The air from your skimmer is inevitably very humid, and there is no avoiding that over time that humid air will moisten the carbon and reduce the amount of odor it can adsorb. (yes, aDsorb) Drying your carbon will extend its life, and oven drying can actually regenerate, to some degree, its adsorption characteristics. The StinkSink chamber has been made out of clear polycarbonate on purpose, versus an opaque material, so you can monitor the amount of condensation, and gauge when it may be time to dry your carbon. 

We suggest a couple steps to prolong the life of your carbon fill: 

1) Shake the StinkSink to redistribute the carbon when you clean or empty your skimmer cup, hopefully weekly.

2) Once a month, remove the lid from the StinkSink, and see if the carbon is moist. If so, empty the carbon onto a cookie sheet and let it dry out. Ideally, you can also place it in an oven on low at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour to dry and refresh the carbon. Let it cool before adding it back to the StinkSink.

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