Skimmer Compatibility

Initially the StinkSink is made to work with the most common skimmers, those with a flat lid and symmetrical hole pattern - simply sitting on top of the skimmer lid. We have just completed our design to accommodate lid mounted float valves, and are currently accepting new model requests for skimmers like the Maxspect Jump, and newer Reef Octopus Regal and Elite skimmers which come with a lid mounted float valve. The StinkSink is not compatible with Automatic Neck Cleaners yet (read why ANC's create the same problem they are trying to solve), or skimmers that have non-flat lids, such as the thumbscrews on Bashsea skimmers, or the domed protrusions on some AquaMaxx skimmers. We just completed testing on the design for the Red Sea RSK skimmers. 

The StinkSink requires approximately 3.25" of clearance on top of your skimmer.

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